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BONUS EBOOK: 5 Reasons to Use Cloud Security with Remote Workers

Generation Digital's preferred cloud security partner, Netskope, has launched its latest security campaign with the Prove It Challenge.

The visionary security company are excited to show IT professionals that the Netskope Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway is the leading SWG product on the market. Further to this Netskope claim that most traditional security set-ups are blind to over 50% of web traffic.

With the ever-increasing reliance on cloud products across all areas of business, most organisations are playing catch up with their security providers to manage user risk, threats and compliance. With the majority of the office-based world working remotely during 2020, there has never been such a critical time to review cloud security.

Further to this Netskope are quick to point out that over 55% of web traffic goes through cloud applications and services and that 95% of cloud usage is outside of the control of most IT teams.


As part of the Prove It Challenge, Netskope is offering a seven-day demo that can prove their Next-Gen SWG product solves the challenges faced by modern IT professionals. The demo includes looking at SaaS visibility, data movement, sensitive data recognition, cloud phishing protection, data protection, user coaching and working with non-managed and off-site devices.

Graham Mackay, Managing Partner at Generation Digital, praised the move by Netskope to showcase their next-generation SWG. He said: "At Generation Digital, we understand that cloud security underpins almost all of our successful digital transformation projects. It's the foundation from which you can safely deploy any number of cloud solutions to your organisation.

Graham added: "We're confident that the Prove It challenge will show our clients how much they're missing out on when it comes to cloud security. In 2021 Netskope will play a huge part in making sure we can deliver projects that can rapidly change organisations to be smarter, safer and more efficient for their customers and employees."

If you'd like to take the Netskope Prove IT Challenge then, please follow the link below.


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