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What can you expect from the webinar:


Hear from Sally Magee (University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust), Sophie Keovongsa (Miro), and John Petty (Generation Digital). See how University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust are using Miro to:


  • Reduce time spent on reporting and meeting preparation

  • Gain clear visibility of initiatives, activities and reporting across multiple work streams and stakeholder groups

  • Drive efficient and effective collaboration in a complex organisation

  • Optimise work on strategic projects to better achieve organisational goals



Who are the speakers:


Sally is an NHS Improvement Lead working with Miro on the visual management of an acute hospital trust’s strategy delivery.

Sophie is helping Miro Customers enable their Digital Transformation Workplace and to see the true value of real-time collaboration in our ever changing hybrid world.

John is a Miro Expert and marketing specialist with experience in marketing, digital transformation, and tech. 


The challenge:


Facing unprecedented resource constraints and operational challenges, NHS trusts have never been under such pressure to 'do more with less' whilst still meeting targets. But in such a complex organisation, how can teams get full oversight of activities and improvement initiatives without increasing the burden presented by already onerous reporting processes? View our webinar to find out.




Webinar Overview:


During the Webinar, Sally helped explain 2 different 'use-cases' of how she used Miro within her NHS trust. First. she uses Miro through several, inter-connected frames to produce reports on Pharmacy improvement and reporting, eliminating the need for several long report documents. The other way it is used it for cross-trust collaboration and planning, specifically for strategic delivery. Through this method of work she is able to have collaboration not just limited to meetings and have universal visibility on all of the trusts reporting. 


Sally's trust's digital transformation was supported by Miro CSM, Sophie Keovongsa. This allowed Sally to learn more and more about the tool and understand how her existing process could be developed by having Sophie taking her through the best ways to achieve her goals.

The beauty of the interactive collaboration platform is that it is constantly changing and evolving. Sally has stated that the reports she produces in Excel and Powerpoint will next be transferred into Miro such that they are editable from the tool. This will mean that there is automatic updates from any graph or piece of work onto the collaborative Miro board.


Where to find out more about Miro:



You can find out more about Miro using our Website page.

Here you can discover what the other capabilities are for a tool such as Miro. You can also request for a free demo or consultation about the product.

At Generation Digital, we are able to offer free trials so that you can see if the Miro is right for you. We can also help you set up in Miro and deliver training on how the tool is operated. As an official Miro partner we are interested in helping you achieve your goals with the tool and are proud to represent Miro globally.

Looking forward to helping more of you save time with your work.



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