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Asana quickly rose to the top of the list of work management platforms and for a good reason. Its blend of simplicity, functionality and straightforward interface has helped teams be more productive and efficient in their work. However, for a more sophisticated user, its native functionality might be not enough.

One feature Asana lacks is time-tracking, so you'll need an external app if you want to track how long a task might take. However, the platform makes up for this lack with seamless integration with add-ons or tools built by third-party developers. These integrations are lightweight, less cumbersome, and more straightforward to use compared to fully-fledged applications. They solve a specific problem and easily extend Asana functionality to add a significant productivity layer to your project management process.

So which are some of the best time tracking integrations Asana users can use?


Everhour is one of the most popular time tracking integrations for Asana. It integrates directly and gives information on the exact amount of time a user spent on a project. You can use it to create reports, including monthly timesheets with breakdowns. One of its best features is the automatic synching of active projects.


Tick gives you the option for time tracking and real-time budget tracking. The app lets you assign projects to your team and add budgets to take advantage of Tick's time and budget tracking features. You can also import all of a user's tasks from Asana to track the time spent on their assignments.


TMetric can be used to track the time spent on the projects and tasks in Asana. You can also set rates and budgets for specific tasks and projects and assess the earning for each. With TMetric, you can accurately compute employees' salaries and create detailed Asana reports. Best of all, it can be used anywhere, on desktop or mobile devices.


Timely is a well-known add-on for Asana. It saves you the time to track manually with its automated mode for accuracy. Once up and running, you will immediately see completed tasks for an Asana project as they are time stamped. Completed tasks will also show up in Timely's Memory timeline, making them easy to reference when you need them.


Trackly software simplifies time management, monitors employees, manages timesheets, and payroll to help you boost team productivity. The integration includes everything you need for advanced time tracking by keeping track of team's work and you can work offline with their  desktop widget. 

These integrations for Asana are some of the most popular when it comes to increasing transparency and accuracy. These two core metrics are critical to every project as they determine how successful remote working can be.

While Asana makes it easy to stay on top of remote teams and workers, assigning tasks and managing day-to-day activities – time tracking remains a crucial component for determining productivity and success.

In the months following the global pandemic, more and more enterprises have embraced the remote work model. And while the transition has mostly been successful thanks to tools like Asana, it's necessary to cover all the bases with integrations that improve productivity and accuracy.

Asana is an excellent tool for managing tasks and team communication as it packs essential things that significantly facilitate your working life. You stand to gain a lot by merely using it. But if you want to take full advantage of what it's capable of, you can add more functionality using third-party integrations for time tracking. These will help you make the most out of your Asana license and set it working to fit your needs.

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