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Digital transformation is drastically changing how one works and gives value to clients or customers. Moreover, it is also a cultural change that requires organisations to challenge the status quo on an ongoing basis, to experiment, and learn to accept failure along the way. 

Transformation is crucial, regardless of how small or big an organisation is. Digitalisation is key to business survival as it supports companies by growing their operational efficiency and proactively allowing a company to make the best decisions for the future. 

Listed below are a few of our favourite Digital Transformation Blogs for you to follow.


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Techwave helps individuals or organisations gain insight into IT management by publishing articles about technical topics. Most of these articles generally discuss the current tech environment while including different categories such as CRM and Big Data, AWS and Blockchain. 

Most recently, there is an article about SAP AMS that may be useful for those looking to plan, build and run business-critical and mission-critical SAP applications. 

In this blog, Techwave discusses how businesses need to plan, build and run business-critical and mission-critical SAP applications 24/7. A common concern for IT teams trying to manage their SAP systems successfully. It is worth a read if you are looking to monitor and maintain SAP applications proactively. 

Digitalist Magazine 

Screenshot 2021-05-11 at 15.07.51Digitalist Magazine is a widely used online portal that can help you stay updated with current business trends and strategies. For instance, if you are looking for information on leading an enterprise's digital transformation, this magazine would greatly benefit you.

In their most recent blog post, Intelligent Automation On A Next-Generation ERP, they explore how companies can use AI, machine learning, and RPA to automate processes, focus on valuable tasks, and boost efficiency.

CIO Blog

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CIO is an informative blog focusing on topics about digital transformation and how it can alter businesses to accept IT culture. There are a number of resourceful blog posts that would be handy for any company looking to digitally transform without slowing down their business in the process. 


Screenshot 2021-05-11 at 15.10.29WalkMe is both a blog site specifically focusing on digital transformation topics and has a digital adoption platform (DAP) that makes it easy to use any software, app, or website. They also provide guidance, step-by-step guides, and comprehensive blogs on rolling out new software platforms.


There are a few informational reads about a consensus approach to how collective support can impact digital transformation outcomes. 

Check out WalkMe's most recent blog about digital transformation. They explore how a decision support system can benefit any business navigating digital transformation. Moreover, in this blog, they answer the following questions: 

  • Why decision support systems are necessary
  • What a decision support system should look like
  • Who should offer input into the process

BONUS DOWNLOAD: Enterprise Automation - a unified approach to transformation

Happiest Minds 


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Happiest Minds is an IT company that enables digital transformation and technology providers by delivering excellent customer experiences, actionable insights and business efficiency. They frequently upload blogs about AI, machine learning and digital transformation. 


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Convedo is a technology company that specialises in Digital Transformation through Intelligence Automation. It’s regarded as one of the best digital and business process automation company in the EMEA area.

If you are curious to learn more about digital transformation, they have a blog section that’s worth a subscription.

In Convedo's recent blog about digital transformation, they discuss a scenario where a business hires a consultant to make recommendations on digital transformation. They discuss the challenges and risks involved when recommending digital transformation. Furthermore, they talk emphasis the three types of mentality that create roadblocks:

  • Employees who are resistant to new technology require the investment to understand a new way of doing things

  • Organisational structure - fully submitting to digital change may require a change in job roles, functions in departments

  • The IT Department contains essential infrastructure that requires maintenance and tactical improvements



Screenshot 2021-05-11 at 15.16.47Stormid supports clients to transform experiences and process and business models, helping organisations think and act digitally. They understand how important is it for an organisation to accept the digital transformation. Though the advantages of accepting digital transformation are positive, some challenges come with it. Luckily, Stormid posts weekly blogs about digital transformation, including tips and tricks.

In Stormid’s most recent post about digital transformation, John Huges gives us a few good reasons why Google Analytics referral spam should stop.


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Nukon is an organisation that houses one of the most talented technical experts in the 21st century. Their services vary from planning and implementing strategies, executing strategies and business support. But what makes them unique is their approach to digital transformation. 

The blog section focuses on overcoming the obstacles faced by digital transformation. Luckily, their posts are insightful and worth reading with their experience and extensive understanding of successfully surpassing digital transformation challenges. 

GenD Blog

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Generation Digital is a digital transformation agency transforming organisations into a secure and human-focused business of the future. Generation Digital has a blog section with informational blogs about digital transformation.  

Stay ahead of your competitors by subscribing to Generation Digital's blog using the form below. 

BONUS DOWNLOAD: Enterprise Automation - a unified approach to transformation

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