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BONUS EBOOK: 5 Reasons to Use Cloud Security with Remote Workers

It wasn't too long ago that the analytics firm Gartner coined the term 'digital dexterity' and presented a report on how fundamental it is to modern businesses. But what does it really mean?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the global workforce with its mandatory work-at-home programs. As a result, companies have quickly adapted to digitally versatile business models. With a quarter of UK businesses closing doors and millions of workers furloughed, only organisations with a high degree of digital skill have managed business continuity and "business-as-usual".

Fortunately, there are ways to implement a digital workplace program that boosts the digital dexterity of your workforce, even if you've fallen behind on this trend. Transforming the way you manage your workers, so they stay active, relevant, and engaged will benefit organisations in the long run. No matter how complex your internal organisation or workflow is, you can adapt and transform in a remote-work world.

One of the critical components of building 'digital dexterity' is leading remote teams with clarity of purpose, organisational focus, and prioritisation of what's essential. These are crucial factors in enabling an accelerated transformation. As people get used to collaborating over the internet as opposed to an office environment, the need to ensure the safety of customers and colleagues is critical.

In this sense, digital dexterity applies to a great deal to an organisation's transformation efforts with new investments in IT infrastructure and capabilities, most notably in customer self-service and employee security.
Being adaptable in the changing digital landscape of the 'new normal' relies on a combination of ease, speed, and simplicity of response in order to support remote work and remote customer access.

Now, more than ever, we recognise the need to adjust organisations to support a remote-work world. The pandemic-induced lockdowns have forced companies to rethink how they work and deliver products and services to their customers. The result of remote work has accelerated the need for digital transformation on an everyday level.

If you'd like to discuss how Generation Digital can help with improving the digital dexterity of your organisation, then let's talk!

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