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🛑 STOP: Before reading this article, please be aware that Meta/Facebook Workplace is closing and will shortly migrate to Workvivo by Zoom. To find out more, please read our blog, Transition from Workplace to Workvivo: A Guide for Workplace Users


BONUS EBOOK: A Blueprint for CEOs Leading Digital Transformation Initiatives

Deliveroo has been on a mission since 2013 to transform the way customers eat by providing online ordering and speedy delivery from a wide selection of popular restaurants and takeaways. Since its establishment, there have been more than 600 software engineers and employees at the UK headquarters, with its food delivery service operating across 150 cities and more than 12 countries.

As Deliveroo continues to expand and gain popularity, its aim to connect all employees has never changed. To this date, Deliveroo has implemented and used Slack for office employees, but many challenges arose. 

First, Deliveroo needed a work collaboration tool to support the chat functionality of Slack. Another challenge was to figure out a solution to scaling their culture across global offices, and give employees a real-time voice and to allow all of them to feel connected. 



As a company that is expanding rapidly, the idea of onboarding new employees quickly is not only a vital part of the business, but it is equally important to have a comprehensive record of departmental projects that would expedite the process. 

Workplace by Facebook has been changing the way businesses connect with their employees. The platform enables employees to have access to previous discussions and information to be familiar with the company’s pathos and allow them to participate much faster. 

BONUS EBOOK: A Blueprint for CEOs Leading Digital Transformation Initiatives

Deliveroo’s Workplace by Facebook deployment has removed internal mailing lists, an intranet and newsletters. It allows employees to share and update business metrics across several countries and showcase work from various business units. 

Deliveroo still uses Slack primarily for 1:1 conversation and Workplace by Facebook for other tasks; voice and video calls, live videos, external and internal project collaboration across more than ten offices.

Workplace by Facebook

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