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🛑 STOP: Before reading this article, please be aware that Meta/Facebook Workplace is closing and will shortly migrate to Workvivo by Zoom. To find out more, please read our blog, Transition from Workplace to Workvivo: A Guide for Workplace Users


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Remote working, forced on almost all organisations in 2020, has presented many challenges. Managing teams and departments, overseeing day-to-day operations, and reducing disruptions online became an instant hurdle for many to overcome.




In the race to keep control, adapt to change, and remain profitable – some companies achieved better results than others. Organisations like Arrow Global Group serve as an example of how to use online tools to stay secure and connected while supporting their continuity plans.

Arrow Global, a leading European Fund Asset Manager and Servicer, launched Workplace by Facebook during 2019. The group-wide communications and engagement platform saw the integration of 14 new businesses across five geographies and a 2,500-strong user base.

Secured by a combination of the Okta IDAM and Netskope CASB solutions, Arrow uses Netskope to protect the Workplace by Facebook platform from risks like data loss, profanity filtering and malware attacks. At the same time, Okta is used to handle access management and enforce conditional access.


Creating a consistent, secure environment

There have been several attempts to solve issues related to a scattered workforce during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, access to a secure platform that enables staff connectivity is the number 1 priority for companies of any size. 

Having started as Arrow's primary internal communication tool, Workplace has very quickly become an engagement tool as well, allowing team members to remain in touch with the business and their colleagues. The use of Workplace also provides a sense of community during a period of isolation and unprecedented uncertainty. The "One Arrow" approach to digital transformation was the lynchpin to the successful roll-out of the solutions.

The increased reliance on tools for internal communication and exchange of sensitive information is another challenge Arrow's Workplace can address. At a time when popular solutions like Zoom are coming under fire for significant breaches and data leaks, Arrow has deployed additional protection measures by partnering with Generation Digital and Netskope, a cloud-security provider. The result is an extremely secure system recognised as the 'Gold Standard' in content management and data protection.

"I'm delighted that Workplace has been rolled out across all of the Group, making us truly One Arrow. The platform has helped to transform the way colleagues communicate and engage across the business, which has been vital during these unprecedented times." 

Lee Rochford, Group chief executive officer of Arrow Global


What's more - with Okta in place, Arrow can provide visibility and access control over its Workplace platform. The Group can send coordinated messages in a granular way - targeting relevant companies and avoiding potential confusion from blanket distribution and ensuring an efficient and tailored approach. Okta provides a seamless user experience with enhanced security, increased employee connectedness and improved communications for all employees.

Okta CEO Todd McKinnon recently explained how their organisation also aligns to the "Three long-term secular, macro trends" that have been applied to Arrow Global becoming "One Arrow". 

In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, Todd explained: "Companies need to use more cloud computing. All the modern solutions that make employees productive are cloud-based, and companies need to move there. 

"They also need to get in tighter contact with their customers by delivering better online experiences, better websites, better mobile apps, whole new product lines that can be delivered over the internet. And then they need to do that all securely."

BONUS EBOOK: 5 Reasons to Use Cloud Security with Remote Workers

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Arrow has run its Workplace platform for a while now with the support of Generation Digital. The organisation has seen phenomenal results on corporate and personal devices for its employees in all geographies. Security across all channels has is enhanced without compromising usability, and adoption has been so positive that many employees have reduced use of email. In turn, this has facilitated the message of having a "One Arrow" working environment.

If you'd like to know how you can follow a similar journey to improve employee communications, collaboration and cloud security, then let's talk!


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