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2017 is almost over. The beginning and the end of each year brings unique employee engagement opportunities. These can be incredibly beneficial for organisational transparency, moral and efficiency.
We've gathered the top EOY/BOY best practices and ideas for you to engage your management and employees with. These employee engagement ideas have been created with Workplace by Facebook in mind. Workplace is a new enterprise system created by Facebook and built for enhancing communication and collaboration in the Digital Workplace.

1. 2017 Reflection

Share reflection on the year that past, reminding people of success stories, milestones, recognising worthy activities and people and sharing lessons learned.

2. 2018 Vision

Sharing a personal vision for 2018 written as if it is already 1st January 2018. This practice increases visibility, alignment on team goals and encourages important feedback.

- Integrating Zoom with Workplace by Facebook
- WORKTECH17: Transitioning to the Future of Work and the Workplace

3. Leverage Existing EOY/BOY Activities 

Plan and coordinate events in dedicated new groups, facilitate polls to gets employees questions and ideas for activities, perform a live video to broadcast activities to those who can't join, summarise activates in a post and ask for feedback for next years' activities.

4. 'Tis the Season to be Personal

Share a personal story, resolution or lesson learned and encourage others to do the same.

5. Show Your Appreciation

live broadcast a 'Thank you' message to all employees and identify those who been outstanding in their area. or, more specifically to WorkplaceIdentify and recognise the most engaged small group admin, admin group which had the best workflow migrated to Workplace, the most inspiring executive/manager, best use of bots, partner or client you work with in a MCG, etc.


6. Get Everyone Aligned on Workplace 2018 Goals & Plans

  • identify communication challenges which can be targeted
  • Identify and replicate successful small groups or workflows
  • Discuss Workplace 2018 goals
  • 1-2 bots you'd like to implement

7. Open Ended Questions

Open ended questions are a great way to increase idea sharing and feedback. Here are a few good example questions:

  • "If we could make one change in the company for 2018, what would it be?"
  • "What have you learned in 2017?"
  • "What should we NOT be focusing on in 2018?"
If you'd like to understand more about Workplace by Facebook, watch Facebook's recorded webinar on 'Discover Workplace by Facebook'. 
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