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Workplace by Facebook Launch Strategy

Strategy and Planning

Strategy and Approach

Our methodology to launch Workplace is based on 7 Pillars of Success that should be completed within 30 days of your planned launch to create a self-sustaining and thriving community on Workplace where your employees are connected, and can easily communicate and collaborate.

  1. Strategy and Planning
  2. Executive Engagement
  3. Technical Integration
  4. Group Structure and Content
  5. Communications Strategy
  6. Champions Training
  7. Workplace Readiness Assessment
workplace by Facebook: strategy and planning

Tactical How-to


1. Strategy and Planning

Designing every stage of your implementation and adoption strategy. This plan will give you a good foundation moving forward with your launch. 

2. Executive Engagement

Having executives ready to lead by example and show their support in this initiative will be critical to achieve high levels of engagement and trust.

3. Technical Integration

A strong technical integration ensures that your Workplace is secure (e.g. accounts are automatically enabled for new joiners and disabled for anyone who leaves your organisation) and reduces administrative burden of maintaining the community. 

4. Group Structure and Content

Creating a foundation of groups that mirror your organisational structure will prevent group duplication and unused groups from being created. We recommend coming up with a naming convention for your core groups as well to facilitate searching. 

5. Communication Strategy

Workplace should not be “just another tool” your organisation launches. Make the 'why' of using Workplace clear by highlighting the benefits for your employees and how Workplace aligns with your business goals. Your communication strategy should include multiple channels (online, print, Workplace, etc.) and messaging for pre-launch, launch and post-launch. 

6. Champions Training

Having early adopters and influencers supporting the change management across locations and departments guarantees that the value of Workplace is understood faster while reducing administrative work on your side. We recommend having 5%-10% of your total employee size as champions. 

7. Workplace Readiness Assessment

Before launching Workplace, the 6 steps of readiness will ensure all key decision makers are aligned and bought in to using Workplace. Completing the 6 steps of readiness will set you up for a successful launch of Workplace.



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Simple, predictable and with with no long-term contracts.

$0 /month

Standard licence: Free for all customers

$4 /month

Advanced licence: Per person, per month

$1.50 /month

Frontline licence: Per active user, per month


Workplace Advanced & Frontline Add-On is free for registered non-profits and staff of educational institutions.

Frontline Add-On licences can be used in conjunction with Advanced Licences giving you a more affordable way of giving deskless workers access to Workplace at a lower cost

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