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Generation Digital uses Workplace and Zoom to seamlessly connect a remote workforce.

Our mission is to ‘transform the way business is done by helping organisations adopt new ways of working through cultural and technological changes’. We’ve adopted a digital workplace to give our employees the versatility they need to succeed in a modern environment. This means we’re often not in the same physical space and therefore need a solution to keep everyone connected.

In comes Workplace and Zoom. 

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Before implementing Workplace and Zoom we were using a few different communication channels on a day-to-day basis; switching between email, chat platforms and video conferencing to communicate and collaborate internally.

Most of the Generation Digital team work remotely, so we needed a sophisticated solution and process in place to ensure everyone has a voice, regardless of location or job function.

After considering a number of different solutions, we implemented Workplace to act as our centralised platform for collaboration and messaging, and we implemented Zoom for video conferencing and webinars.

Once we implemented both best-of-breed solutions, we saw the benefits almost immediately. Today on Workplace, we have 100% total claimed accounts, 90% weekly active users, 80% weekly mobile users and 80% active chat users. The adoption rate for Workplace has been outstanding and the same goes for Zoom, each employee has a Zoom account which they use for internal and external video calls and our marketing and HR teams make use of Zoom’s fantastic webinar tools which can also be live streamed to Workplace.

You can achieve a truly connected and agile workplace by following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Install the Zoom chatbot from Workplace’s integration directory. Instructions and use cases can be found here.  
  2. Live stream meetings and webinars from Zoom directly into a Workplace group or newsfeed. Integration instructions can be found here.
  3. Watch our webinar on Designing an Agile Employee Experience with Workplace and Zoom to learn how to utilise both complimentary platforms.

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Workplace by Facebook Zoom

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