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How to post status updates in Asana
8 Aug 2022

How to post status updates in Asana

Status updates are essential to keeping every project member on the same page and up to date with how a project is progressing. Asana has an easy way to do this by allowing project members to create an in-software status update that can be shared...

Asana statusupdate

4 Aug 2022

A History of Asana


Asana is a workflow and project management platform that enables organisations of all sizes to break down projects into smaller tasks and encourage...

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Asana history

1 Aug 2022

Meet The Team: John Petty

  • What is your role at Generation Digital?Customer Success Manager.
  • What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?Playing Rugby and watching sport.
  • ...
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Asana meet the team

22 Jul 2022

How To Create a Successful Deadline Driven...


Many organizations use Asana to manage their workflows and projects, and it is a great tool to ensure you keep on track and organized. One of Asana's...

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Asana Project Management project deadline

8 Jul 2022

What's New Asana 2022 So Far...

Asana, as a company, are always looking at ways to develop their tool and make it more functional. Each month they come up with new valuable features...

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Asana releases

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