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The Ultimate Guide to Asana Tasks
27 Jun 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Asana Tasks

Asana is a popular project management tool that helps individuals and teams stay organized, collaborate effectively, and streamline their workflows. One of the core features of Asana is its task management system, which allows users to create,...

Asana task

27 Jun 2023

How to create RAID logs in Asana


Want to manage your RISKS from multiple projects in one place? Create a simple RAID Log in ASANA! 

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Asana raid projects

29 Mar 2023

How to track workload in Asana (from scratch):...


Asana is a powerful project management tool that allows you to keep track of tasks, deadlines, and progress. One of the most useful features of Asana...

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Work Management Asana

20 Mar 2023

What happened at Rewired23?


Earlier this month, on the 14th and 15th of March, Generation Digital attended the annual healthcare event 'Digital Health Rewired'. Across the two...

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Asana Rewired23

What is Digital Health Rewired 23?

How to use ChatGPT with Asana

Generation Digital to sponsor REWIRED 2023

Webinar report: Optimising non-clinical activity with the NHS

The Secrets of an efficient Workplace Guide

Asana Integrations Guide

The Best Collaborative Work Management Tools, Q4 2022 (The Forrester Wave™)

OKR Examples: Human Resources (HR)

eBook: The Asana Playbook for Annual Planning

Generation Digital named as Top Website of 2022 by TheGoodEstate

Miro webinar: Build your strategy for Hybrid Meetings

NHS Miro Webinar (Optimising non-clinical activity within the NHS)

How To Manage and Keep Remote Teams Engaged

How to purchase Miro on G-cloud 13 (Gov.uk)~public sector

How to access Asana on G-Cloud 13 (GOV.UK)

Is Remote Work Here To Stay?

Asana Business (What features do you get?)

Is Asana Basic Free? - Free and Premium Pricing tiers

Miro Most Common Integrations - Communications

Miro security (all you need to know)

How to deploy Risk management in Asana (Case study: NHS Kettering and Northampton)

How to write Objective and Key results (OKRs)

How to conduct a Miro Brainstorm

How to use Templates in Miro

Generation Digital has G-Cloud 13 Digital Marketplace certification

Generation Digital announces Miro partnership

How to manage multiple Asana projects

How to make Gantt Charts in Asana

NHS & Asana Table Talk Webinar

How to delete a team in Asana

How to create a project in Asana

How to roll out a project management tool effectively

Meet The Team: Monty

Asana's most common integrations

How to complete a project in Asana

How to integrate Asana and Jira

Meet The Team: Danielle Cross

How to export data from Asana into Excel

How to remove someone from Asana

How to post status updates in Asana

A History of Asana

Meet The Team: John Petty

How To Create a Successful Deadline Driven Project In Asana

Asana Pricing and Tiers

What's New Asana 2022 So Far...

How to Create a Gantt Chart in Asana

Asana and Miro

Asana and Microsoft

Asana Anatomy Of Work 2022

Asana Pricing Guide

Asana Project Templates

Asana Collaboration Guide

What is Asana Workflows?

Asana and Salesforce

5 Ways Digital Warehousing Improves Logistics

How to Apply AWS to Your Digital Transformation Strategy

How Digital Transformation Improves Retail Sales

Asana unveils new features for managing work on an enterprise-level

How can Asana help with Micromanagement issues?

Hybrid Work Coming to Retail? Apple to Test New 'Retail Flex' Option

How Digital Transformation Is Improving the Medical Industry

Best Practice Tips for Using Zoom

Generation Digital launches “WorkHack” series exploring SaaS integrations

Cybersecurity: More Than Just an IT Issue

A Beginners Guide to Project Management

Can Technology Help With Employee Wellbeing?

What are the top 10 Asana alternatives?

Asana brings Video Messaging to Work Management with Desktop app.

What is Scrum?

Welcome to Asana Universal Reporting

Generation Digital launches new online series - “How Work Happens”.

Digitisation Tools with the Biggest Impact for Business

Automation and Integration platform Workato launches EU data centre

What is iPaaS and how can you automate your business for the better?

Why Zoom Phone is the future of corporate communications

Improving Workforce Performance Through Digital Transformation

What is Zoom Phone and how is it changing communication forever?

What is an API Integration? (A guide for non-technical people)

Cloud Transformation and Financial Services specialist joins GenD

10 Reasons You Need an API Integration Platform

CASB or SWG - Which is best option for your enterprise?

Top 9 Digital Transformation Blogs

Asana vs Trello - Which is best for your organisation?

Modernisation or Lift and Shift? The Digital Transformation Dilemma

What are some of the best cloud security tools?

Want a Better Customer Experience? Start with Your Employees

What is the best platform for hosting a virtual event?

What are the five keys to success with virtual teams?

Top 5 Productivity Blogs to Follow in 2021

Netskope Validated in Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program

Keeping Your WFH Employees Fully Engaged In 2021

Are you ready for the hybrid workplace?

Generation Digital joins Asana Partners

What are OKR’s and how can you use them?

Asana named the leader in G2’s Report for Project Management

Top HR Blogs to Follow in 2021

How to avoid free website phishing scams

What is DLP?

How to Align Sales and Marketing Teams Using Workplace

VPNs: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Asana Pricing: Free & Paid Plans in 2021

A complete guide to agile planning and management

What is IDaaS, and how can it benefit your enterprise?

Okta Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Auth0

Why do companies use Okta?

Deliveroo Uses Workplace by Facebook to Boost Employee Engagement

Smartsheet vs Asana for project management

Note-taking: Asana for Meetings

Workplace by Facebook and Office 356: Better Together

UK Government Launches - Help to Grow: Digital

How to use Gantt Charts in Asana

Asana vs monday.com: which online tool is better?

Netskope + Mimecast Deliver Omnichannel DLP + Seamless Cloud Security

Google Workspace vs Workplace by Facebook

How to Educate Your Employees About Cybersecurity

Maximise your projects and teams' potential with Asana performance reviews

What are Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs)?

Asana vs Jira - Heavyweights of Project Management Software

What is Project Management?

Six steps business leaders need to embrace for the Future of Work

Cyberattacks - Are you safe on the internet?

Best Work From Home Blogs of 2021

What is Asana? Change the way you work for the better.

Netskope: Cloud Threats Memo (Cloudphishing)

Why All-in-One Platforms Are Not Fit for the Future of Work

Asana use cases - How to use Asana for your business

Can you use Asana for project management?

Can you use Asana and Evernote together?

The top 10 Cybersecurity trends you need to know for 2021

Generation Digital transforms work for Public Sector and UK Healthcare

IT Security for Remote Workers

How to write a Remote Working Policy

Netskope for Google Workspace

Asana time tracking - Top 5 Asana integrations for time management

What is Sensitive Data?

Securing enterprise SaaS applications

Protect your organisation from cloud threats with a secure web gateway

What does BYOD stand for and how can it benefit your employees?

Seventy-five percent of workers felt burnt out in 2020

Why you should avoid using WhatsApp for your business

Netskope now on UK Government's G-Cloud 12 Framework

What is a Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway and why do you need one?

Companies need to use more cloud computing - Okta CEO Todd McKinnon

Netskope launches Cloud Security Prove It Challenge

"That coffee smells good!" Zoom looking to bring physical sensations to virtual meetings

5 Asana tips and tricks to help you get started

Netskope Secure Web Gateway named Visionary Gartner Magic Quadrant

Securing Google G Suite

How Arrow Global keep their remote employees connected and secure

How Data Dispersion affects Data Resilience

What is Digital Dexterity in the remote working world?

It's time to Invest in Workplace by Facebook remote working strategy

Asana now available to the public sector via G-Cloud 12

Met Police host £600m ‘Pegasus’ Virtual Event on Zoom

Workplace from Facebook Launches Knowledge Library

Connected Executives use Workplace Live for Visual Storytelling

Workplace by Facebook Announces Badass New Features at Flow 2019

Why Whatsapp is a bad idea for running your business

Workplace by Facebook Return on Investment (ROI)

Workplace by Facebook: New Evolution, New Solutions, New Collaboration

How to Build a Workplace by Facebook Business Case

Why Safety and Compliance Teams Love Using Workplace by Facebook

Connect the Disconnected with Workplace by Facebook

Connect a Remote Team with Workplace and Zoom

5 Use Cases for Integrating Zoom and Workplace by Facebook

Google+ vs Workplace by Facebook

Zoom Are Killing It! Gartner Places Zoom as a Market Leader

Workplace Announces Impressive Updates at Flow 2018

Workplace by Facebook Now Available on G-Cloud

8 Reasons Why HR Professionals Love Using Zoom

7 Employee Engagement Ideas for December

New Evolution – New Solutions – New Collaboration

Transitioning to the Future of Work and the Workplace

Introducing Workplace by Facebook

5 Workplace Tips to Enhance Employee Engagement

The Impact of Workplace by Facebook in Retail

Digital Workplace - Leaders views on the Future of Work

Deliveroo Using Workplace by Facebook to Boost Innovation

6 Reasons Why Non-Profits Are Adopting Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook Chat Update

The Impact of AI on digital transformation and the workplace

How to Align Sales and Marketing Using Workplace

Best Practice Tips for Workplace by Facebook Users

Workplace is helping Wessex Archaeology unearth new ways of working

Integrating Zoom with Workplace by Facebook

Admin Reports Overview in Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook Announces New Integration Directory

Zoom Available on G-Cloud 12

Workplace by Facebook and Office 365: Better Together

Zoomtopia Announcements 2018

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