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How to Build a Workplace Business Case
17 Jan 2019

How to Build a Workplace Business Case

Building a business case for a digital workplace solution is time-consuming but an important part of an organisation's procurement process. If you want to build a business case for executive buy-in for investing in Workplace, or you want to...

Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook Demo
10 Jan 2019

Workplace by Facebook and Office 365: Better...


It's a question we get asked regularly among internal communicators. They love the usability and high adoption of Workplace by Facebook but their...

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Microsoft Workplace by Facebook

12 Dec 2018

How Workplace is helping Wessex Archaeology...


A typical day at Wessex Archaeology could involve writing a research report or digging up ancient pottery fragments from the Middle Neolithic...

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Workplace by Facebook

3 Dec 2018

The Surface Hub 2 Is Reinventing Teamwork


Surface Hub 2 enables the power of collaborative work, allowing businesses to unlock the full potential of their greatest resource – people.  As...

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