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Unlock Organizational Success: Discover How Asana AI Enhances Decision-Making and Maximizes Impact
19 Jun 2024

Unlock Organizational Success: Discover How Asana AI Enhances Decision-Making and Maximizes Impact

How AI is Revolutionising Work

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the modern workplace, bringing unprecedented changes to how we perform tasks, make decisions, and interact with technology. This revolution is not just about replacing human...

AI Asana Project Management

18 Jun 2024

The Rapid Rise of Generative AI: Insights from...


As generative AI tools gain momentum, industries and workforces are anticipating significant transformations. According to McKinsey's latest annual...

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AI Kore AI AI Chatbot

11 Jun 2024

Get AI Ready — What IT Leaders Need to Know and Do


Defining AI Opportunities, Deployment Options, and Risks for Your Organization

GenAI has transformed machines from mere tools to valuable...

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AI Artificial Intelligence Kore AI AI Chatbot

11 Jun 2024

John Petty

Recent Posts

8 Mar 2023

What is happening at Digital Health Rewired 2023?

Digital Health Rewired is an annual event that brings together the best minds in healthcare technology to discuss the latest trends and innovations...

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Digital Transformation Asana Rewired23

28 Feb 2023

Kettering NHS Trust confirmed as a speaker for...

Group Executive Director of Transformation and Quality Improvement at National Health Service Rebecca 'Becky' Taylor will be speaking on behalf of...

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Digital Transformation Digital Workplace Asana NHS event Rewired23

28 Feb 2023

Anisha Patel from GSST NHS Trust will be speaking...

Generation Digital are excited to announce Anisha Patel will be speaking at the Best Practice Showcase at Rewired23. From Guy's and St Thomas' NHS...

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Digital Workplace Asana event Rewired23

27 Feb 2023

Guide: How to use ChatGPT with Miro

ChatGPT is a powerful language model that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance collaboration and productivity. One popular platform for...

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AI miro

24 Feb 2023

What is Digital Health Rewired 23?

NHS Rewired is an annual conference and exhibition that brings together healthcare professionals, technology experts, and policymakers to discuss the...

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24 Feb 2023

How to use ChatGPT with Asana

Chat GPT is rising to prominence across the globe. How can you successfully integrate that into your organisation?

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Digital Transformation Collaboration AI Asana Future of Work API

21 Feb 2023

Generation Digital to sponsor REWIRED 2023

Generation Digital is honoured to announce we are exhibiting and speaking at Digital Health REWIRED which will be held at the Business Design Centre...

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Digital Transformation Digital Workplace Asana Future of Work NHS event

13 Feb 2023
2 Feb 2023

The Secrets of an efficient Workplace Guide

Through market uncertainty, organizations need to be laser-focused on what matters most: delivering value to customers. Improving workplace...

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