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Unlocking Growth and Innovation: The Benefits of Investing in AI for Your Business
22 May 2024

Unlocking Growth and Innovation: The Benefits of Investing in AI for Your Business

In the fast-paced world of business, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. One of the most transformative technologies available today is artificial intelligence (AI). Investing in AI, particularly conversational...

AI Artificial Intelligence Kore AI Conversational AI AI Chatbot GALE

22 May 2024

Exploring Kore.ai GALE: A Next-Gen Generative AI...


In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, businesses constantly seek innovative solutions to enhance productivity, streamline...

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AI Kore AI AI Chatbot GALE

22 May 2024

A Guide to Designing and Building a...


In today's digital age, conversational AI chatbots have become essential business tools, enhancing customer service, streamlining operations, and...

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AI Artificial Intelligence Kore AI Conversational AI AI Chatbot Chatbot

22 May 2024

Transition from Workplace by Meta to Workvivo by...


Meta has announced the discontinuation of its employee communications tool, Workplace, in favour of Workvivo, now owned by Zoom. This transition...

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Workplace by Facebook Zoom Workvivo

Danielle Cross

Recent Posts

18 Aug 2022

Meet The Team: Danielle Cross

  • What is your role at Generation Digital?Customer Success Manager.
  • What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?Big series nerd so a lot of TV but...
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Asana meet the team

22 Jul 2022

How To Create a Successful Deadline Driven...

Many organizations use Asana to manage their workflows and projects, and it is a great tool to ensure you keep on track and organized. One of Asana's...

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Asana Project Management project deadline

8 Jul 2022

What's New Asana 2022 So Far...

Asana, as a company, are always looking at ways to develop their tool and make it more functional. Each month they come up with new valuable features...

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Asana releases

28 Jun 2022
6 Jun 2022

Asana and Miro

Asana is a versatile and flexible project management tool that offers many possibilities for integration with other platforms, software and products....

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Integrations Asana miro

9 May 2022

Asana and Microsoft

The business environment is evolving, and teams need a new level of integration. In recent months, one of the more popular pairings is between Asana,...

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Microsoft Asana Teams

21 Apr 2022

Asana Anatomy Of Work 2022

The onset of COVID-19 changed the world—and reshaped the way people work and do business with it. The rise of work-from-home and remote work gave...

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Asana anatomy of work

14 Apr 2022

Asana Project Templates

There are many benefits when integrating Asana templates into your design workflow. However, combining Asana and templates can be beneficial not just...

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Asana templates

31 Mar 2022

Asana Collaboration Guide

How organisations can use Asana to map out their cross functional project workflow and make it more efficient.

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Collaboration Asana

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